Expert PPC Consultant and Management Service in Canada:


What Includes in Expert PPC Consultant?

PPC Management Service in Canada or in anywhere near you, Every company has its own methods indeed, But what we use is a different path to PPC for small to big businesses. Where everyone approaches the method of copy-and-paste to paid advertising, we build personalized strategies for a particular business. Furthermore, we also add some innovation as well as proprietary tech that helps us to take the campaign high above their competitors.

Besides, some detailed services of our PPC Consulting services are as follows:

  • In-Depth Business Analysis:

When you start working with us, our team will provide you a dedicated paid search consultant. They will allow you to look in-depth of your recent PPC advertising strategy, set goals and aspirations for future PPC campaigns. Despite this, our consultant will provide complete research on your industry, business, and competitors along with products or services.

“Acquire a personalized experience with SEO Executor. Collaborating with our consultant will help you to know more about your business, name, and competitors.”

The core duties of this dedicated professional PPC Consultants consist of providing a dependable point-of-contact as well. It assists you to avoid shuffling between the forces of your business or goals with consultants. Therefore, having a trustworthy PPC consultant allows your business to save your time as well as the budget. Thus, this approach of personalized experience can enable a positive and tremendous effect on your business.

Google, Bing, And YouTube Ads:

With PPC marketing consultant of SEO executor, you can advertise your business all across the famous channels to attract the consumers. Whether you want an online presence on Google, want to promote your business on Bing or YouTube. We can work on any platform.

However, the PPC consultant creates remarking campaigns that are specially designed for your business to promote Google. With these remarketing campaigns, the business can target those visitors who have visited your business website in past days. In this way, this PPC advertising tactic enables new chances that convert the visitors into your potential customers.

For instance, if you control a brick-and-mortar store, our professional consultant will track in-store visits to those particular ads. It provides immense insight feature through the campaign and also demonstrates the advantages of PPC to the leaders of the company.

  • Strategic Bid Management:

Although businesses set some specific ads each month, we work to utilize the maximum budget. For this reason, we offer PPC consulting services along with strategic bid management. It allows the consultant to optimize the bid for the entire campaign. This is a competitive but still cost-effective bid and helps the company to earn a lot of new clicks as well as conversion from those ads. Hence, this result is the Return of Investment for the business.

  • Ad CopywritingAnd Testing:

PPC consulting is the main source that helps several companies to save their internal marketing team time. With it, you don’t have to think about writing ad copy, developing a campaign, or even optimizing the ads. Instead, our PPC consultant will take care of all your worries. Copywriting and copy testing are also included in our consulting services. Research of our consultant is based on in-depth knowledge about the business, their products or services, and their competitors.  That helps us to develop a compelling copy, update it into conversions, and drive clicks.

  • Aggressive Keyword Targeting:

When you start working with SEO Executor for PPC Consulting, you will receive an advancing keyword to target strategy. Altogether, our service can target approximately 10,000 keywords in each campaign. It allows businesses to reach successfully to their targeted market.

“Our PPC Packages can easily target up to 10,000 keywords”

It is not just about targeting a massive amount of keyword, but we also ensure to focus on the most valuable keywords. With these dedicated efforts, we consistently drive more leads, sales, and provides many other business benefits.

  • Monthly Reporting:

No matter, which category do you belong? Our team will meet you through phone, web conference each month to clear the doubts regarding campaign performance. Similarly, for some additional fees, our consultant can manage to arrange a meeting every week.

Once you got your consultant, we provide complete business comprehensive reports as well. The professionals also customize these reports as per your business preferences, highlighting data for your business and provide a review to your decision-makers. Adding into it, you can have access to view or share those reports. In this way, this approach helps us to make fast, easy, and simple results for the business team to share any campaign updates. They can also share these reports with decision-makers, good for reviewing the advertising campaign’s overall performances.

  • Advanced AI Software:

We claim to work with businesses to provide access to MarketingCloudFX. It is an advanced marketing suite that allows us to develop in-house and use IBM Watson. These suites provide data-based recommendations for advertising campaigns. IBM Watson is an advanced machine learning application and artificial intelligence application. Therefore, this application process & analyze massive data points in a short period.

Not only this, but we also offer features for year data analysis, this data log allows our PPC consultant to manage many things. It includes the retail industry, manufacturing, software, and many other sectors. Do remember, not all PPC consultant offers these feature because they do not invest in such type of software.

FAQs About PPC Consulting:

Do you have additional questions about PPC consulting? Check out our complete PPC FAQ to learn more about pay-per-click advertising!

  • Do PPC consultants use my existing Google ads account?

Yes, if you have an existing Google Ads account, our professional consultant can use your account. I suggested creating an independent account so, before hiring a consultant make sure to ask their policies.

  • Do professional PPC consultants own my company’s Google ads account?

No, our PPC consultants do not own Google ads account of any company. During the process, they will need login information to modify the campaign, but they do not own the ownership of that particular Google ads account.

Considering, you are sharing your login information, however, it can be critical to know about the consultant extensively. Therefore, choosing a trusted PPC consultant as your partner, who has positive track records are necessary. Please don’t accept anyone for this job.

  • Do PPC consulting services require a contract?

Well! This answer depends on the PPC marketing consultant which you are selecting for your company. If you are willing to work with a PPC marketing consultant on hourly based, they will require the company for some specific hours. For instance, you have to sign-up for approximately six hours for hiring a consultant.

“Both consultants and Agencies may have a contract. Before signing with any of the consultant or PPC agency Toronto, ask their requirements.”

Consequently, agencies that provide all PPC consulting services might also need a contract. This contract will be committing for a minimum of six months of services however, some companies may offer month-to-month. Before you sign a contract with any of your agencies or consultant you should ask their requirement first.

  • How much does PPC consulting cost?

It is true; the cost of PPC pricing packages may vary on the type of services. Supposing, if you choosing a partner consultant on an hourly basis. It can cost you up to $10 to $500 per hour on average. Otherwise on monthly PPC services for small to medium-sized companies you have to spend up to $9000 to $10,000 each month.

Many businesses feel pressure to select a cheap PPC Consultant. While the company may save a few amounts by choosing cheap PPC services but it can affect the business in a long-term or future marketing budget.

Your team may not receive quality services, the campaign can underperform, or you may not get your promises consulting hours. These scenarios can force the business to hire another consultant to abandon PPC or reevaluate the strategy.

Therefore, to get the best possible results, invest in good quality consulting services providers. Choose consultants that provide actionable results-driven strategies, recommendations and helps to improve the overall performance of the future as well as current campaigns. For that purpose, you have to work with the best PPC consultant in this industry like us.

  • Where can you advertise with PPC consulting services?

Businesses can use multiple channels to advertise with PPC advertising; however, in some cases agency may select a particular platform. This happens due to the popularity of the network or maybe the agency has specialization on that platform.

SEO Executor, as a full-service provider offers to launch a complete PPC campaign on multiple channels, it may include Google, Bing, and YouTube. Despite this, our team contains several marketing specialists, they also feature advertising on every platform. For perfect results, work with agencies that can scale along with your business.



Whether you are looking for leads or more sales, SEO Executor may help your business to reach your desired objectives. With our skilled consultant and their comprehensive PPC consulting services, we enable them to work and provide the best knowledge and tools. Contact us today! We are waiting to assist you no matter wherever you are.

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