What are SEO Consulting Services?

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We at SEOExecutors.com not only implement SEO for your business but also provide complete 360 degrees Management and Inexpensive SEO Consulting in Canada. In short, we teach SEO and how it is beneficial for your business taking it to a completely new level of excellence.

We just do not limit ourselves to the technical implementation but a change in your business strategy, training of staff, how to track benefit from SEO, and calculating tangible returns due to your SEO in place.

Our clients love us for this strategy as it builds confidence in our services and that we are transparent of our deliverables and capabilities. We would love our clients to question us and challenge us with respect to our SEO execution. As we have more than a decade of experience in SEO, we admire such clients and we continuously work to bring them up to par. For instance, are you aware that after some time the entire face of SEO will change as it migrates to voice-based search using voice-activated applications through mobile devices?

Therefore, our expert suggestion is that do not limit yourself to just using our services but also gain knowledge and exponentially grow your business, as you want it. In order for business owners to understand some, more aspects of SEO through SEO Consulting or if you need to educate in some of the following concepts related to SEO are here.

Strategy & Planning:

Would you just like to use a shotgun approach to market everyone and anyone to your product and service offerings? Alternatively, would you like to use the sniper approach to proper segmentation in line with your business planning? A similar story lies within SEO. What are your business objectives and how can we achieve them using SEO.

Website Audits:

Success is the ultimate objective for any individual or business. However, this is a futuristic concept. You can only make a future if you know your past and correct your present. This poetic connotation simply refers to the fact that first, we need to do a complete audit of your current websites with respect to technical aspects, content aspects, SEO aspects, Social aspects, and other digital KPIs.

Competitive Research:

We would not be marketing if we were not having competition. In addition, at times competition can really set the pace of your business. Businesses have been using conventional marketing but as it is extremely costly and there is no way of tracking your target audience, digital marketing has taken over in this context. Digital marketing is effective, trackable, cost-effective, and highly customizable. Therefore proper competitor research is necessary in order to strategize for your SEO plan.

Keyword Research:

SEO Consulting, As we are seeking specific target audience inline to your products and services, we want to focus the same for the people visiting your digital touchpoints. This is done by selecting proper keywords that result into your website being seen in certain search queries. As SEO Specialist, we would like our website to be seen by Business Owners when searching “Best SEO Service Provider” rather than “Tax and Accounting Consultant”.

The online competition is based on these keywords the achievement here is to grab generic and shorter keywords related to your business. In our case that would be the “SEO” only. How great would it be for our business that our website ranks on top of this keyword globally then I would not have to write this content to pursue businesses to select our SEO services indirectly.

Architecture Planning:

SEO Consulting, Another part of SEO Consulting is the planning of your technical architecture of  Digital Assets. How have your website, what is the sitemap, which platform is it based upon, what are the hosting services behind it? and a number of other queries. So now only we plan the explicit requirements upfront but we also plan and strategize for behind the scene activities that will impact your business and SEO performance.

Content Marketing:

Content is king is now outdated. Freshness of content is now also slowing making it’s way to the grave. With Search Engines like Google they keep updating their guidelines in order for the proper content to come forward in search and for the irrelevant to be filtered out.

Therefore creating content not only appealing to the readers, business, brand image but also as per the guidelines set by search engines so that we get the best SEO score giving us the top ranking for our products and services is a huge challenge.

On-Page Optimization:

SEO Execution, When you rewrite your website code as per the good practices and guidelines of Search Engines like Google, it is called On-Page SEO. In a way, you are arranging information and data that it is easily readable by Google therefore making its job easier. Therefore, Google will rate your website better and higher than your competitors. Of course, these guidelines are not just for technical perspective but good also from a business perspective, visitor perspective and common sense.

Link Building:

Image all the websites in the world having a link to your website. That would result into virtually unlimited traffic coming to your website. We do not the world to visit your website. We only want the proper target audience to do so. Therefore building such links on relevant is very essential for SEO & SEO Consulting. Not only the quantity of these links matter but also the quality matters at times more. As an example, having a link on a global website is far beneficial for your SEO then 100 links from low to average local websites.

WordPress Optimization:

Since WordPress is a Content Management System based website having 60% of the market share, we specifically do SEO for WordPress. Most of the websites for startups, SMEs, Individuals and similar category businesses are built on WordPress. Then this also means that there is a lot of competition in terms of having a WordPress website. Our expertise in this domain is as such that our own website initially being in WordPress reached a global ranking of 113K (Alexa Ranking).

Technical SEO:

SEO is an art and it the art form changes as per the nature of business, website technology, hosting service and multiple languages being involved. The uniqueness of SEOExecutor.com is the diversification of team members, projects and platforms on which we have implemented by SEO Consulting.

So it does not matter what technology was used to build the website we can do it all. The concept remains the same however tools, computer languages and frameworks changes. We keep ourselves updated with all forms of SEO practices ensuring that we are able to fully implement SEO for clients of diverse backgrounds.

Structured Data:

Not all the variables of SEO are directly in our control. We need to follow guidelines set by Search Engines, Internet Authorities, Security and Hosting companies. Therefore, we create structures and databases in a format that formulate a universal acceptance with multiple authorities.

By the end of the day, we need to present our clients with the best value proposition possible. Hence, we do so by segmenting information on your website in the best possible manner that increases your SEO rankings and performance.

Local SEO:

There are few factors which businesses do not take into consider for getting them even a better competitive edge for SEO. Firstly, Google gives priority to local sub domains with respect to a specific location as in the comparison of .com vs. .us also that when you search anything commercial on Google you find three kind of results. 1) Ads 2) Map results 3) Organic searches.

Most Businesses and SEO specialists completely forget optimizing the maps that can lead to massive SEO performance, leads, sales and revenues. We understand local SEO better than most service providers, and we not only use this for clients but for our own business as well.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

90% of all users are not browsing websites using mobile devices. So preparing websites and SEO that is friendly for Mobile Devices makes common sense. This is initiated by Google to help Mobile pages load faster. However, not everyone has implemented as a part of their SEO strategy. We are SEOExecutors.com try to squeeze all the juice we can for the increasing client business value with our SEO Consulting & implementation.

SEO Consulting FAQs

Let’s have a look at most Frequently Asked question about SEO Consulting:

  • What are Search Engines?

Search Engines are that database that contains information about web pages on the internet. It helps to obtain information with proprietary programs or software.

  • What are Search Directories?

Search Directories contain all the information on a website but not form web pages. Human makes a group of the website depending on the descriptions.

  • What are the main Search Engines?

The best or top Search Engines are Yahoo, Google, MSN/Live, and Ask.

  • What is natural, organic, or free result?

Search Engine shows two types of results: paid and non-paid results. Non-paid results are listed in organic search results which are determined through linkage data, page content, trust-related data, and domain age.

  • How do we start to rank a website?

By evaluating the keyword, competition, and website structure as well as content we start ranking the website. It also includes link building Off-page optimization, guest posting, article writing, paid search engine marketing, and forum posting.

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    The following services explain how we approach SEO for a range of common purposes:
    • Most of the websites for startups, SMEs, Individuals, and other category businesses are built on WordPress.
    • Most Businesses completely forget optimizing the maps that can lead to massive SEO performances, leads, sales, and revenues.
    • This is initiated by Google to help Mobile pages load faster than Desktop.
    • We keep ourselves updated with all forms of SEO practices to implement those on website.
    • Best SEO score can give the top ranking for our products and services.